Monday, October 23, 2006

Work on user functions and Google Maps update shifts

We are busy with user functions, what will be done very soon:
All user activity or history - created places, commented, i've been here, etc.
Wikipedia-style history for places with some admin features.

Also a month ago we've been alerted about satellite image shift at Calgary, Canada. I manually shifted a part of this city area. Two weeks ago it was a slight shift in Kiev, Ukraine. I didn't shift places (there's a Kiev guardian Igor Rozkladay, so I think he took care of this, btw, users have the possibility to move/change locations).

Today I noticed, par hazard (occationally, by looking at huge keyboard), that Yekaterinbourg images was shifted to some seconds. So I moved all places in trouble area (ab.500) but I expect some of them were placed after image update, so currently their position is wrong.

It's strange about this shifts. Maybe we need a kind of SHIFT ALERT :)