Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Half year and 2,000,000 places reached

On november, 22nd we reached 2 million places, and on 24th we celebrate a half year of Wikimapia.
Also there are 101,524 places, which were deleted since beginning, later there will be a function to view them.
We continue our work on the project, still making user functions, place card, local search and other things.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We are quite busy, but also there are no important things to present right now, all new things still in production. However I can tell you about some new improvements and facts:

1. We added internal message exchange, later we will add a function to write to non-registered users.

2. API is finished, but not widely opened. Mgmaps for mobile phones and Google Earth uses exactly this API.

3. Still discuss licensing.

4. Introduced private-colored boxes, later we will have more colored different categories.

5. Polylines and paths. I want to implement it as fast as possible, and this is so easy for us, but Evgeny insist that we have to wait and that this would complex the service which must be easy.

6. Wikimapia is growing, now we have 1923587 places.. ah not, this was some minutes ago, now we have 1923754 places. I don't include 97482 places which were deleted and saved to `history`.

7. People from India still insist that we provide clearer images for their locations. We cannot do this, maybe we should forward the letters to Google Maps team?

8. Some people don't understand that it's an editable site (wiki), and asking us to update some information.

9. Google Maps updates shift imagery. A hundred meters left, a hundred meters right - this is not right.

That's not all, but I can't tell you more now.