Monday, February 12, 2007

Search as local search

Local search is essential thing, it means if you are at the center of London and looking for a hotel, the search gives you the hotels nearest to the center of viewed map (where you see a cross).

Local search, in our definition, is a search where we have results ordered by distance and the nearest are shown.

We have always been thinking about this kind of search, but only now we have technology to provide it (in a fast way through all places). Currently we are finishing some tests and soon we will make this search as default. Now we have 4 different tabs (all, city, local, coordinates) and we will move local to all so there will be only 3 tabs (all, city, coordinates).

Saturday, February 03, 2007

January: new design.


This January we were changing the site design and search functions. But search is not finished yet. This wasn't easy work and also a lot of to be made.

Also this month we visited new Google office in Moscow (just near Red Square and Kremlin) to meet Sergey Burkov, head of Moscow Google R&D. We talked about about our project and other different subjects. Now we both (me and Evgeny) have original "Searching for Inspiration Spiral Notebooks" and "Summer of Love Translucent Wide Body Pens".