Saturday, October 28, 2006


In fact we are not only coding the Wikimapia project. We are exploring the world in reality. There are many unknown places we have around us. Near our town we have strange rounds on satellite imagery. We took a photocamera and went there by car.

It is an abadonned аnd dismounted Naval radiostation (we tried to identificate this object during some weeks using local forum).

Next wonder we visited one day was a huge white mountain of phosphorites.

And interesting thing was a huge scrap metal of old machines near white phosphorite mountain.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Work on user functions and Google Maps update shifts

We are busy with user functions, what will be done very soon:
All user activity or history - created places, commented, i've been here, etc.
Wikipedia-style history for places with some admin features.

Also a month ago we've been alerted about satellite image shift at Calgary, Canada. I manually shifted a part of this city area. Two weeks ago it was a slight shift in Kiev, Ukraine. I didn't shift places (there's a Kiev guardian Igor Rozkladay, so I think he took care of this, btw, users have the possibility to move/change locations).

Today I noticed, par hazard (occationally, by looking at huge keyboard), that Yekaterinbourg images was shifted to some seconds. So I moved all places in trouble area (ab.500) but I expect some of them were placed after image update, so currently their position is wrong.

It's strange about this shifts. Maybe we need a kind of SHIFT ALERT :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Registration started

We started the registration with minimum implemented functions, the main thing is that users are now able to move/resize places with history. We are going to add more user functions step-by-step, giving to known user more control of Wikimapia.

To register just click at Login/Register in drop-down menu under Wikimapia.

To receive first level Wiki functionality user have to wait 3 days. However, if you have been in contact with Wikimapia before 8 october 2006, or you are an active Wikipedia user, you may raise your rank without waiting:
• for those contacted Wikimapia before - drop a line to (with username or email of Wikimapia user);

• for Wikipedians - go to this link at Wikipedia and write under "Approving Wikipedians" your username at Wikimapia;

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wikimapia now feeds Google Earth

After 4 month we are finally able (from the resourse and technical point) to feed Google Earth with Wikimapia data. If you have Google Earth installed you may click on our Wikimapia data feeder for Google Earth. You may read some more info at Matt blog.

At this moment we export chapes, place name and link information. The problem is that Google Earth baloon cannot load information from external source (only images). Hope we will find the way to show some place information in Google Earth baloon.

p.s.  Wikimapia reached 1621646 places.